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CEDS Kick-off to Serafin's team [8.22.18]

on Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:35 pm
Last night we kicked of the 2018 CEDS to Serafin Maranan's team. The first thing we learned is that each designer needs to check out the design standards before we hold the kick-off to the teams. This way each of you can review all the notes and tables that are available to use and modify, etc.  Once this can be done a kick-off would be good to delve further into areas that are complicated and need further explanation.  Other items that were discussed are new dynamic blocks that are available, and the locations of templates and further lessons learned examples.  

Here is a summary from Jeremy Phillips:


Thank you for your time this afternoon, discussing the Entitlement Set and other AutoCAD related content. As a follow up email to our meeting, please see below:

• Blocks, Dimension styles, AO Layers, AO Hatch Patterns location: Y:\AO Standard Files\CAD\Resourses
• Location to path your Template (.dwt) Files for new drawings: Y:\AO Residential\AutoCAD\Templates  

• Location of Entitlement set in CAD (where to start): Y:\2018-XXX Client Project City\03 Schematic Design\01 Working Folder\02 Autocad
• Location of Entitlement set in CAD (go-by example) DO NOT SAVE-AS FROM THIS LOCATION: Y:\AO Sample Projects\2017-437 AC 2525 Main LLC Santa Ana\03 Schematic Design\01 Working Folder\02 Autocad
• Location of Presentation PDF which houses most AO AutoCAD related Standards: Y:\AO Standard Files\CAD\Recourses
• Command to count blocks: “EATTEXT”. Type EATTEXT into the command line, you will get the dialoge box below. Give me a call before you use it and I can help you filter the content that is prefered to view. This command creates a .dxe file; the template for this file is located: Y:\AO Standard Files\CAD\Recourses

• Sample Units with current blocks: Y:\AO Standard Files\CAD\Recourses\Sample Units
• Code Analysis sample for walk-ups / garden projects by Mike Connell: AO Job Reference: 2016-351 Baldwin Montecito.
• Building Numbering / Allocation: I will get with Ken this week to discuss. I will then update the Presentaion PDF accordingly.
• I emailed Stuart regarding new content / information he and Ken are providing you. Once I hear back from him, I will relay their direction / the propper protocol for creating the content within AutoCAD and where to locate it after it has been created.  
• Your Action is Required: We will add an “Existing Conditions” sheet to the Template; however, first, please forward us a sample of the ideal composition of this sheet as you use it.

Feedback and communication is a fundimental key factor while starting to use the new content. Please feel free to ask questions. If the information you need to provide is not offered to you within the content provided, please let us know so we may include what has been left out.

If I have forgotten anytghing, pease let me know.

Thank you again for your time today,
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